The Wakefield Difference

Across all Wakefield equity strategies,
we believe that while the overall market is
efficient, pockets of inefficiency do exist.


Our unique investment strategy stands apart from the mainstream investment community. We focus on proprietary quantitative behavior investment techniques that not only identify market inefficiencies, but capture those inefficiencies over time. These inefficiencies are based on the philosophy that most investors make predictable mistakes in assessing the future value of companies.

Wakefield uses a highly disciplined and technologically advanced process for research, security selection, implementation, and monitoring.

The resulting portfolios exhibit a unique combination of characteristics with positive near-term expectations that, in our view, will be rewarded by the market in the period ahead regardless of market direction.

In our management and research, our goals are:

  • Focus
  • Creativity
  • Intellectual Honesty
  • Continuous Improvement

Our promise to our clients is strict
adherence to each investment strategy and an
unending ambition to deliver superior investment
returns with attentive client service.


Wakefield Asset Management specializes in actively-managed U.S. Equity strategies. We can customize any of our portfolios to meet client needs for Socially Responsible, Religious Values-Based and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance equity strategies. Wakefield is committed to an unemotional and objective investment approach that delivers long-term, superior returns.

Our clients include a diverse group of institutional and individuals, including:

  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Registered Investment Advisers
  • Broker/Dealers
  • Religious Communities
  • Endowments and Foundations
  • High-Net Worth Individuals
  • Family Offices
  • UMA Platforms


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